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Monday, 6 June 2011

Rachel's Purple and lilac Wedding Flowers - The Domus, Beaulieu

Rachel's May Wedding took place at the stunning Domus in Beaulieu, one of my favourite venues. The colour theme was the ever popular purple, gorgeous venue, gorgeous flowers. I thought you might like to see them and so here they are. For lovers of purple everywhere.

Paul's buttonhole of rose, lilac freesia and eucalyptus.

Rachel's teardrop bouquet - ivory roses, purple lisianthus and lilac freesia.
 Image by On Location Photography

Purple, white and lilac wedding bouquet

Rachel's gorgeous shower/tear drop bouquet was made to measure, Rachel is a very petite bride so I made this bouquet suitably petite too. Petite brides need not worry about carrying a bouquet of this general shape, they can be made to suit any frame. Lovers of purple also might like to know that all these flowers are available all year round.  

Bouquets of Akito roses for the bridesmaids who wore deep purple. Image - On Location Photography

The staircase to the Domus decorated with tea lights and fresh rose petals. The ceremony room here is found up some  beautiful stone steps that look just stunning dressed in this way.
Images by On Location Photography 

Entrance to the Domus, ready and waiting for Rachel's wedding

Purple, lilac and white pedestal flowers with church candles. Used either side of the base of the aisle for the ceremony. Image by On Location Photography.

Pedestal design in purples, ivories and lilacs with church candles at the base of the aisle which is in front of you as you come up the steps with the window ledge designs behind.Perfect for creating maximum impact. 

Window ledge flowers at the Domus. Church candles in a vase surrounded by roses and petals, modern but soft and romantic too.  I thought as I was doing it, that actually this idea would make a stunning table centre.

Goldfish bowl design of ivory rose and lilac freesia with church candle used here on the small window ledges. These were later used as the guest table centres with a generous  scattering of lilac rose petals and long burn tea lights in matching votive holders to finish.

Co-ordinating design of roses, freesias and lisianthus in purples and whites with the central church candles for the ceremony table.   

Wedding ceremony table flowers at the Domus  Image by On Location Photography

Tall table centre in purples, lilacs and whites used behind the ceremony table because it seemed a shame not too. Rachel and Paul had a round top table and this was their centre piece.

The Domus at Beaulieu ready and waiting for Rachel and Paul's wedding. Sorry it's not a great picture but at least it gives an idea.

Rachel with her petite shower bouquet of ivory roses, purple lisianthus and lilac freesias. Image by On Location Photography.

That just leaves me to say thank you so much Rachel and Paul for choosing me to design and create your wedding flowers for you, I absolutely loved putting this scheme together for you. And very many congratulations on your marriage.

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